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  1. Introduction & Welcome!

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Introduction & Welcome!

If you're reading this, and you were born before 1985, then there was a time in your life that someone was manufacturing this pattern and it was being sold in department stores and catalogs. For close to 100 years King's Crown existed in one form or another, having over 100 different pieces within the combined catalogs, over 10 different names, and being offered in over a dozen colors.

Chances are that you or one of your relatives have at least one piece from this pattern somewhere in their worldly possessions. Show a goblet from this pattern to anyone over 30 and they will probably recognize it, even if they don't know its name. You would think that with such a long history, such a vast piece offering, and such recognition that this pattern would be much more known and celebrated than it is today.

But alas, it isn't. I grew up with pieces of this pattern accenting the special occasion tables of my family, and a particular piece my grandmother had always drew my eye. My grandmother made cakes, and the anticipated dessert always arrived on a beautiful ruby edged cake platter that sparkled in the light. I got that piece on her passing and it sparked my interest in finding more about it. Where did it come from? When? Were there more than the cake platter and goblets? That is when I realized that despite the internet age, little was out there that really provided the information I was looking for.

And so this site was born. This site serves as my notebook for the pattern; what I learn about its life, what its place was in history, the who/what/when/where & why. You'll find the site changes – it does so as I find out more, correct mistakes I made, etc. Check back often!

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