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J. N. Veber

Our Background

Compliments of J. N. Veber & Son.


We dont normally purchase souvenir pieces. Not that we have anything against them, but when the goal is to assemble the catalog as it was originally released to the population, souvenir pieces don't faciliate the goal. These pieces always have generic engravings (like 'Wife' or something akin to getting a souvenir license plate at the airport), or engravings done "on the fly" at an event (and often not at a high skill level), or some other after-market alteration that otherwise alters the piece too far out of what we're looking for.

But, there are exceptions. A while back we came across a U.S. Glass Co., XLCR 'Tankard, Half Gallon' in crystal with an absolutly stunning woodland engraving and the intials W.F.O. on it, and it has been on private display ever since. In that same vein, a while back we were reviewing the known XLCR stemware and once again couldn't find the middle sized 'Claret'. Around the same time, a souvenir piece came around, and the listed size matched what we belived the Claret would be, and purely in the interest of documentation, we picked it up.

Yes, it was the correct size, and did allow us to fill that particular size line. But then curiosity got the better of us. After all, with a name like "J. N. Veber" how can your interest not be peaked?

Admittedly our research hasn't been exceptionally deep, well vetted, or professional. That said, after a day or so of digging, we found some information that fits the timeline, planetary location, and probable means, and therefore we called it a match.

This is our tribute and thanks to J. N. Veber and his decendents.

His Background

Veber and Family
J.N. Veber Family with Dogs and Horse.
(Courtesy of North Royalton Historical Society)

J.N. Veber, a merchant of Royalton Center, is a son of Elibu Veber, who was born July 12, 1822, in the township of Bucklin, Massachusets. The latter was a son of John Veber, of the same State, who died in 1832. After that event the home was sold. Then Elibu Veber, with an older brother and guardian, Rensselaer (married), removed to St. Lawrence county, New York, where Rensselaer lost his wife by death, and in 1834 moved to Ohio, settling in Royalton township, Cuyahoga county. Here they puchased a tract of new land and cleared a portion of it, and then exchanged it for a place farther north, which they divided, Elihu taking his widowed mother to support, at the age of eighteen years, and his guardian giving him his time. After his mother's death he made his home at his brothers.

February 22, 1844, he married Miss Clarinda Gibbs, who was born March 15, 1822, in Milford, Worcester county, Massachusetts, a daughter of Benjamin and Peedee (Thayer) Gibbs, who settled in Geauga county, Ohio, in 1834, and in 1838 in Royalton. After marriage Elihu located near where his widow now lives. He assisted in cutting out the first road south of where he afterward lived toward Hiuckley, Medina county. He followed agricultural pursuits many years, and at length became a carpenter, and still later a stone contractor, and built many stone culverts for the county. His health finally began to fail, and after several years of suffering died, September 6, 1886, and was buried in Royalton Center cemetery. Politically he was a Republican, and he held township offices, as Trustee, Assessor for six years, and Real-estate Assessor one year. He was a well known, highly respected, determined, thoronghgoing, perserving man. Since his death his widow has resided at the old homestead. She is a member of the Disciple Church. Their children are: James N., the subject of this sketch; Ellen, now Mrs. Eugene Riley, of Medina county, Ohio; Charles, a farmer of this market in Cleveland for some time, making his headquarters at his father's home. After his marriage, in 1870, he located in the southern part of Royalton township, and in 1872 settled at the Center, engaging in mercantile trade, in which he still continues, moving his goods into the present building in 1882. He is a successful business man, of uniformly fair dealing and strict uprightness of character. he owns a nice little farm of sixty-five acres. He is a decided Republican, and has been township Treasurer for nine years. He attends the Methodist Episcopal Church.

February 22, 1870, is the date of his marriage to Miss Mary H. Smith, who was born January 19, 1846, in Royalton Center, a daughter of Joseph and Louisa (Gordon) Smith. Their children are: Daisy L., a school-teacher; Lelia R.; and Bert W.

  -- "Memorial Record of the County of Cuyahoga and City of Cleveland, Ohio" published in Chicago, by The Lewis Publishing Company, 1894. (Available online)

The U.S. National Park Service, Civil War Soldiers & Sailors Database, indicates that he fought in the Civil War for the Union in the 2nd Regiment, Company B, Ohio Cavalry. He entered and left the war with the rank of Private.

Veber and Family
Veber Store, c 1880. Located at the corder of Ridge and Bennet Roads, Royalton, OH.
(Courtesy of North Royalton Historical Society)

James Newton Veber, 1847-1926, is burried at the North Royalton Cemetery.

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