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Kings Crown Glass - Lancaster Colony Corp. - 7290 - Candlesticks, Low

Piece Information
Manufacturer:Lancaster Colony Corp.
Manufacturer History:
Catalog Number:7290
Pattern Name:Colony Crown
KCG Owned:Yes
Dimensions:Height: 3 2/8"
Diameter: 3 7/8"
Depth: ~1 3/4"
Stem Information:Small Stem
Seam Count:2 (excluding stem)
Thumbprint Count:12 (excluding stem)
Star/Ray Present:No
Pressing Style:Machine Pressed
Staining Style:Hand Painted/Stained
Set / Collection:Individual Piece
Piece Family:Unique Piece to the Pattern
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How the panels of pressed glass were formed. Hand pressed were typically thicker, resulting in a deeper thumbprint. Machine was thinner, as too thick and machines couldn't release.
How glass is stained. Normally this is a painted on substance that once refired causes a lasting colored stain. Metalic colors are slightly different and were always hand-painted.
Color / Year Information
Amber / Goldc1975 - c1985
Colony Bluec1975 - c1985
Olive Greenc1975 - c1985

As staining can be done at any time against the glass, variants are possible. Our standard colors reflect only those known to have been applyed by the manufacturer.

Notes (None)
(No additional information at this time)

Catalog Name:
Candlesticks, Low
Description:Small Stem
Dimensions:Height: ~1 3/8"
Base Diameter: 2 7/8"
Mould Count:2
Seam Count:3
Thumbprint Count:6
Tooth-band Count:1
Machine Pressed:Yes
Pressing Clarity:Below Average: Definition/Details visible but not crisp
Although the thumbprint band has decent distinction, the bottom toothband tends to be soft and looses a lot of clarity.
Stem Image
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