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Kings Crown Glass - Lancaster Colony Corp. - Wedding Bowl with Cover, 5 In.

Piece Information
Manufacturer:Lancaster Colony Corp.
Manufacturer History:
Catalog Number:(Unknown)
Pattern Name:Colony Crown
KCG Owned:Yes
Dimensions:Lid Height: 2 1/4"
Lid Diameter: 5 1/4"
Stem Information:Medium Stem
Seam Count:0 (excluding stem)
Thumbprint Count:8 (excluding stem)
Star/Ray Present:No
Pressing Style:Machine Pressed
Staining Style:Hand Painted/Stained
Set / Collection:Individual Piece
Piece Family:1 Related Pieces
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Color / Year Information
Amber / Gold1971 - c1985
Colony Blue1971 - c1985
Crystal with Gold Band1971 - c1985
Crystal with Ruby Stain1971 - c1985
Crystal with Silver Band1971 - c1985
Olive Green1971 - c1985

As staining can be done at any time against the glass, variants are possible. Our standard colors reflect only those known to have been applyed by the manufacturer.

Measurements & counts are for lid only - refer to the wedding bowl without the lid for the compote measurements. Gold and Platinum offerings were always hand-painted.

Catalog Name:
Wedding Bowl with Cover , 5"
Description:Medium Stem
Dimensions:Height: ~2 3/4"
Base Diameter: 3 1/8"
Mould Count:1
Seam Count:3
Thumbprint Count:18
Tooth-band Count:1
Machine Pressed:Yes
Pressing Clarity:Average: Definitions/Details visible with some softening
Stem is hollow up to the top of the first thumbprint band. Quality significantly differs between pieces, with some having crisp definition, and other a "melted" quality. Note the derived draped panel section similar to the XLCR large stems.
Stem Image
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